Streamlining Store Management for Australia's Largest Pharmacy Retailer

About the Client

Our client is Australia’s foremost pharmacy retailer, managing an extensive portfolio of over 500 stores. Known for their commitment to affordability, they offer competitive prices on pharmaceutical goods. Their dedication to enhancing healthcare outcomes efficiently ensures substantial savings for their customers, setting a new standard in healthcare retail excellence.

Executive Summary

In a strategic endeavor to enhance operational efficiencies and the accessibility of store management information, our client implemented the "Power App Portal Connected to CRM for Store Details." This project, powered by Microsoft’s Power Platform, focuses on optimizing the processes involved in collecting, storing, and retrieving vital store-related data. Through the development of a Power Apps portal page, this initiative aimed to deliver a streamlined and intuitive interface for users interacting with store data, thereby enhancing overall user experience and operational efficiency.


The project faced significant challenges, including:

  • Scalability Concerns: With an expanding database of store entries, maintaining performance levels became increasingly challenging.
  • Data Handling Efficiency: The need to load and filter through large datasets caused slower response times and increased server load, impacting user experience.


  • Enhanced Page Layout: The portal page was meticulously designed using HTML and CSS to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and organized user interface.
  • Comprehensive Filtering Options: A variety of filter options such as "Status," "Banner," and "Country" were introduced, enabling precise data filtering.
  • Filter by Group: This feature allowed users to filter store lists by specific groups, enhancing focus and efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Clear Filters Functionality: A "Clear All Filters" button was added to allow users to easily reset their search criteria.
  • Efficient List of Stores: The store list display was integrated seamlessly into the portal, providing clear and organized information access.
  • Additional Features: Features like data export snippets and record counting were incorporated to further enhance functionality and data management capabilities.

Business Benefits

The implementation of the Power App Portal Connected to CRM for Store Details project brought about significant business benefits, including:

  • Improved User Experience: Enhanced layout and navigation reduced the time users spent searching for information by approximately 20%.
  • Streamlined Data Management: The introduction of efficient data entry and retrieval options saved users around 30 minutes per day, translating to significant monthly time savings.
  • Enhanced Data Visibility: Features like record limit and count improved data analysis capabilities, saving about 15 minutes per data management task.
  • Efficient Data Filtering: Advanced filtering options reduced the time needed to find relevant store data by 20 minutes per session, boosting productivity.
  • Enhanced Search Efficiency: Improved search and filtering functionality saved users an average of 25 minutes per search, facilitating faster access to critical information.

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