iMonitorSoft EAM Solution

Employees are assigned to carry out a specific or diverse set of responsibilities within pre-defined or even expanded roles. These span design, development, collaboration, or support for external clients. These jobs or roles require use of specialized tools or applications that help in communicating through e-mails and chat messages, as well as exchanging data or transferring files.


The iMonitorsoft EAM solution offers a consistent and compatible option for organizations of various sizes to generate computer logs and asset management report based on the precise usage of system resources and software by the workforce of the organization. Raybiztech is the authorized distributor for iMonitorsoft EAM solution in Australia and India.


The software prevents leakage of crucial information outside the firm’s network, and would bar employees from spending leisure time into surfing or games, powered by the network resources meant for utilization at the workplace. The software can similarly be installed and operated by government organizations and educational agencies.


The iMonitorsoft EAM (Employee Activity Monitor) transforms business processes with a focus on employee actions to boost productivity. The application helps firms eliminate the idle time and allows resources to focus on crucial tasks.

  • Control over access, sharing, and copying of confidential files and system information
  • Prevent data loss with smart rules to detect malicious activity amounting to fraud
  • Eliminate the risk of losing files with secure and regular backup, powered by rules for encryption
  • Facilitate workflow management based on employee reports on their period of activity/inactivity
  • Filter and limit access to websites that potentially drain employee productivity and credibility's
  • Remote Desktop and File Management with consistent reporting about shared information

Manage employee productivity and secure confidential data, along with monitoring overall IT usage

Studies show looming threat to the stability of an enterprise system and the security of enterprise data, from within the organization, rather than from external factors or players. iMonitorsoft would closely keep a tab on the retrieval, usage, and exchange of information from employees in the firm.


Monitoring software embedded with powerful features can scrutinize employee activities and generate logs to ascertain if the usage of the applications is genuine and falls within purview of the assigned responsibilities. By offering a 360-view of actions done, it would potentially protect the organization from losing or compromising on classified or sensitive information with a thorough and reliable approach.


iMonitorsoft can effectively deliver in a complex network environment, thereby mapping activities across the connected nodes, as well as intruding computers. It would utilize efficient database storage capabilities to record logs and timestamps of activities within and around the network. The tool offers all the more robust options and real-time alerts that are instantly generated by actions performed by users working from remotely monitored workstations.

  • Application usage logs that can be viewed based on the title, frequency, and time duration
  • Instant alerts on file downloads, malicious .exe setups, USB insertions, and file prints/transfers
  • Snapshot of desktop based on pixels, application session-time, and level of speed control
  • Tracking of removable storage devices including insertion, file copying, formatting, and more
  • Real-time alerts of document printing, version control changes, and all collaborative actions
  • Data and e-mail security based on actions associated with opening, viewing, and forwarding

iMonitorsoft has been quickly tested and adopted by a large number of mid-size and large enterprises to fulfill their range of employee monitoring requirements.


By virtue of several distinct capabilities, iMonitorsoft comes with a USP which ensures proper utilization of system resources along with maximum productivity of employees in an organization.

360-Degree Visibility

iMonitor EAM is a tool that records each and every communication activity with a detailed view of actions that includes productivity reporting, high-risk monitoring, and the actionable data for responding to a list of incidents. IT helps record the activity of employees and thereby increasing their productivity.

Desktop Control in Real-time

The iMonitor tool lets you display multiple desktops at the same time and monitor them remotely. The tool can enable recording of sessions with desired quality, with an administrator privilege to set video recording quality and the speed of streaming videos. It also helps send real-time notification to target employee workstation.

Keyboard Logs

It is now possible record as well as count on the number of keystrokes hit by a particular employee, as well as the clicks of the mouse, that gives an idea of the daily count. This will also allow tracking what is being typed at a particular instance or in the past; and specifically the number and nature of keystrokes in real-time.

File Encryption

Now, encrypt your confidential files and data with ease. iMonitorsoft ensures files are sent out as ‘ciphertexts’ that are encrypted. In case of computers outside the network where EAM is not installed, these files will display some junk form of code when opened by an unauthorized user or system. So it is essential to have the EAM software installed to have such files read or decoded within the authorized network.

Real-time and keyword-based monitoring

The iMonitorsoft tool is capable of alerting the user when prohibited actions are performed, such as inserting a USB drive. Similarly, the EAM can send out custom alerts based on keywords related to actions such as printing a document, downloading content from a restricted website, or if an IP address is detected accessing an application that has been blocked by the administrator.

Raybiztech is iMonitorsoft distributor

Raybiztech is proud to be the authorized distributor for iMonitorsoft employee monitoring software in India and Australia, thereby enabling outreach to the maximum number of clients and offering value-addition with cutting-edge employee management and surveillance solutions. We are proud to serve our customers with consistent delivery, support and upgrade or maintenance of iMonitorsoft software for the workplace. We continue to partner with firms that offer cutting-edge tools in office management, employee collaboration, information security, as well as other specialized technology and support services.

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