Seamless sports facility booking system for infrastructure development company

Ray Business Technologies implemented a Sitecore CMS in order to design an online Sports site. The team delivered end-to-end services and worked together on complete content development.

About the client

One of the leading real estate development company located in middle east, is a public joint-stock company and listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The company operates globally providing property development and management services. With various business segments and many active companies, the company has collective presence in 36 markets across the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Project Objective

  • To build a secure Sports online site using the Sitecore technology.
  • Easy to navigate & manageable through content tree.
  • To integrate with third-party booking system for reservation of table and company logins.
  • Application should allow retrieving details, offers, Events etc.
  • Application should allow configuring the settings of different integrations from content tree.
  • Implementing Azure search.

Project Challenges

  • To build a loosely coupled application with common components that can be used across multiple projects.
  • Implementation of Azure search

Our Solutions

Loosely coupled Application:

We developed the application using Helix architectureThe architecture pattern described by Helix is referred to as Component-based Architecture or Modular Architecture. Modular architecture offers a framework to optimize and increase productivity by describing how to isolate domain logic to make the whole solution or implementation more manageable. Modular architecture is therefore, in its foundation, a way of making sure that the resulting solution is flexible, enough for whatever changes made in future. There are several benefits to modular architecture such as reusability and rapid development, but the core motivators behind the convention are simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility in the implementation. Keeping in view of above benefits, Helix was chosen for making the application loosely coupled and for easier deployments.

Implementation of Azure search:

Sitecore by default provides Lucene search but Lucene search does not work on Azure Cloud and therefore the Lucene search has been kept off. In place of Lucene, Azure search was implemented for all search activities. The Sitecore Azure Search provider includes the following features:

  • Support for all Sitecore search-driven UIs, including user-typed queries, and faceted searches.
  • Support for the majority of LINQ expressions, to enable rapid development of search-powered applications.
  • Native support for fundamental data types such as numbers and dates in faceting, and range queries.
  • Flexible configuration and precise control over the schema of the indexes.
  • Support for running Sitecore in geo-replicated scenarios.


  • The application is developed with modern UI with Azure search and Sitecore v8.2 in Helix Architecture.
  • The following features were developed using Sitecore and are being easily managed.
  • Azure search, Booking, retrieving details, Stay page, offers, Events, Contact us, Feedback, membership registration and Sports.

How Sitecore proved to be an effective tool?

Sitecore is cost-effective and a powerful content management tool.

  • Built-in Applications: Sitecore includes several marketing tools like Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) and Email Experience Manager (EXM). Each built-in application is designed to assist the Sitecore experience and accommodate customization.
  • Innovative Technology: Each Sitecore update is backwards compatible with previous versions of features. Using the latest innovative technology, users are able to upgrade their Sitecore experience wherever necessary without losing any data.
  • Integrations: Most previously used software can be merged into the Sitecore experience. Software such as CRM and Sales Force has commonly been integrated into Sitecore to help create a seamless transition.
  • User Interface: Sitecore supports a custom user interface, which allows for optimal usability. Users are able to edit their website through the Experience Editor and the Content Editor. The system is easy to use, allowing for convenient and efficient updates.
  • Multi-Site: A single experience platform allows clients to host several sites in one place. With individual URLs, each website can be navigated within seconds to maintain up-to-date content or update with new content as needed.
  • Reusable Content: The system allows for pages, modules, and more to be re-used throughout the site or over a series of sites on the platform. Users are able to reintroduce previously used content to create new pages or a new approach.
  • SEO: Using Sitecore tools, users are able to track content that can influence search rankings, which can result in an increase of organic results. Higher search results mean increased revenue and allow users to find your brand.
  • Workflow: A three-step workflow allows content users to create a page on a live site without the unfinished page being visible. Content users are able to edit, review, and approve the new pages before they become visible.

Our expertise helped our client create better content management through Content Tree using Sitecore, as well as the implementation of more complex workflows. Today, the online Sports site features simple navigation, secure online bookings, and the ability to edit content dynamically.

About Ray Business Technologies

Founded in 2009, Ray Business Technologies Private Limited is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. We are a CMMI Level 3, and ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified company. Through our excellent team of Technology Professionals we provide cutting-edge IT Solutions to Enterprises globally, empowering them to utilize available resources and manage their operations effectively by improving efficiency, optimizing services, securing information and reducing costs in North America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia. 

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