RBT publishes critical “COVID-19 Statistics” webpart on Kentico Marketplace

raybiztech-publishes-COVID-19-statistics-webpart-kentico-marketplaceLeading Technology Solutions company, Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd, published new webpart on Kentico Marketplace, COVID-19 Statistics. This important web part for Kentico 10 & 12 adds COVID-19 Statistics to Kentico enabled web site out of the box, both Confirmed and recovered cases on specific regions. This important webpart can be downloaded directly from Kentico Marketplace. This is free for all Kentico website owners: https://devnet.kentico.com/marketplace/covid-19%20statistics

About Ray Business Technologies

Raybiztech is a CMMI Level 3 IT Services provider. Apart from the accustomed ERP, Mobility, and CRM tools, we have expertise in innovative and upcoming technologies that include Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Raybiztech is proud to serve customers across several locations, with a team of resources that are capable of understanding client requirements from a diverse set of domains and verticals.

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