Free seminar on Data Analytics for SMEs

The Data Analytics industry has evolved with the advent of several new technologies such as Big Data. By leveraging advanced analytics, enterprises can gain a deeper look at the current performance as well as the potential to expand and grow. They can fine-tune their marketing campaigns as well as operational processes based on gauging trends emerging from real-time analytics.

Ajay Ray, Managing Director of Raybiztech, delivered a talk on the role of Data Analytics in driving Small and Medium Enterprises. He shed light on key take aways that enable organizations to leverage Data Analytics, and the fact that there must be no looking back for enterprises treading on the power of analytics. The session also revealed ideas to act on the real-time demand-supply scenario in order to realize improved customer satisfaction and reach higher revenues based on the roadmap for business growth. The seminar was held with a key focus on the technology startups and benefited the participants with a closer grasp of Data Analytics implementation in action.

The seminar witnessed the attendance of Data Science enthusiasts, we well as aspiring entrepreneurs who would look out for the best and happening practices in field of Data Analytics. At the sidelines of the event, few of the attendees engaged in a one-to-one discussion with the speaker on topics around technology in general, and the dynamic market conditions that called for excellence in application of real-time data.

About Raybiztech

Raybiztech leverages excellence in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Portals and Content Management (EPCM), Data Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Mobility along with complete life-cycle, development, testing, and support. The firm serves a number of clients with cutting-edge technology services and data-driven analytics in Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Banking, and Telecom domains.

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