How to Display a customer’s first and last names on the invoice in Kentico

If you want to display a customer’s first name and last name on the invoice, you can go to the CMS Desk > E-commerce > Configuration > Invoice tab and add the following macros to the template:


{% EcommerceContext.CurrentCustomer.CustomerFirstName |(user)dileepkumar.chimmani|(hash)09bc4a03d21a2a698a3a53dc267a81f4946e224b8f5c3071b9118ee86c915d8c%}

{% EcommerceContext.CurrentCustomer.CustomerLastName|(user)dileepkumar.chimmani|(hash)70b8f384ea68a31840464de2eae350b2ad54368e820b5638490ead69d8278e09%}



Please remove the spaces before the last brackets, if you copy the strings.

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